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November 23, 2020

Wedding Feature: Elle + Stephen

On March 13th, 2019, Elle & Stephen said “I do!” We were so honored to play at their gorgeous wedding which took place at the extravagant Marigny Opera House. We are excited to share their journey as a couple: the story of how they met and how they managed to create an incredible final result filled with joy and love.

Tell us the story of how you two met.
We met on a blind date! We were set up by a friend of Stephen’s that happened to be a coworker of mine at the time. I had just moved to the New York area from Louisiana for a job opportunity and didn’t really know anyone so I was excited to meet someone and maybe have a new friend. Little did I know, I was meeting my future husband when I walked in the restaurant! It was a Tuesday night and he was coming from work – he was late. I was sitting at the bar and was like “I am going to finish this glass of wine and just leave if he isn’t here.” When he finally arrived, he came up and kissed me on the cheek and was like “I am so sorry!” He was so warm, charismatic, and confident. His personality just lit up the whole room. We had dinner and a bottle of wine and talked for hours, we closed down the restaurant! In the middle of the dinner I went to the restroom and called my mom and told her I was going to marry him! Really glad I didn’t end up leaving before he showed up. Funny thing is, he is still always late and I am still always early!

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What made you decide that this was the right person to be with for the rest of your life?
Elle: I couldn’t imagine being married to anyone else, especially during this crazy time in the world and during quarantine. He is patient with me (I can be a handful!) and lets me truly be myself. I knew he would be a great dad one day because of that too. I also love how smart he is, and that I learn something new from him every day.
Stephen: I remember thinking one day soon after we met that I could go anywhere with this girl. As long as it was her and I, we could take on the world. To me that is what you hope for in a partner, that no matter what life throws at you, good or bad, as long as you have each other you can make it through or do anything.

What do you enjoy most about each other’s company?
It is just easy. We are able to be ourselves and not be judged for it. Which makes life so much fun! I think we both make each other feel like home and remember what matters most. We are truly best friends.

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How was your experience with Nola Dukes Band?
AMAZING. Not only are they SO incredibly talented and can really keep the party going all night! But they are so amazing to work with. We had a very specific first dance song that we really had our hearts set on. And you guys LEARNED it for us and made it so perfect. THANK YOU!

Share one special memory from your wedding with us.
Gosh there are so many, it was just the greatest day ever. We wrote letters to each other to read the morning of our wedding day, they are special to go back and read every anniversary. Our first look was special and allowed us to have a few minutes with just us before the craziness of the day. I also did a first look with my dad and brother which was really special. When band announced us as husband and wife was so fun too! We had a family style dinner with 2 long banquet tables so there was an aisle in the middle, at the last minute our AMAZING wedding planner Belinda Belk from Blue Gardenia Events, said why don’t you run down the aisle in the middle of the tables to the dance floor in the front for your first dance instead of coming in from the side door. We were like OK! Stephen loved it because it felt like running in for a sporting event, all our family and friends high-fived us along the way!

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Do you have any advice for couples as they plan for their wedding?
Stay true to who you are as a couple, don’t get caught up on doing things because its tradition or because other people are doing it. We also really wanted to throw a party for our guests, so as much as the wedding was about us, we also thought a lot about our guests as well. We added some personal touches that made the day really feel like a reflection of us. Little things like, our dog Georges’ picture sketched by my sister on cocktail napkins and bar signage, a sit down family style dinner because we love to entertain and Stephen loves to cook, Cigars because Stephens dad loves cigars, Oysters because it’s a Christmas tradition of ours to go to Grand Central oyster bar in NYC and eat oysters and drink martinis. Stephen also wrote our wedding ceremony script himself. I think adding those personal touches while also thinking about throwing a great party for our guests made the wedding a special day for everyone.